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Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

injuries sustained from accidents with other vehicles, tractor-trailers, and pedestrian vs. vehicle.


Premise Liability: 

Injuries sustained from slips and fall, trips and falls, or injuries that occur on the property of another person/business. 


Dog Bites: 

Injuries sustained from another individual's dog or another animal through biting, clawing, or some other form of attack. 


Medical Malpractice:

Permanent injury or death caused by the negligence of a medical professional.


Negligent Security

Injury or death due to the criminal act of another that took place on another's property such as an apartment complex, restaurant, gas station, night club, etc. This criminal act occurred due to the negligence of the property owner in not providing proper security for patrons. 


Assault and Battery:

Injuries sustained from an assault and battery from an employee of a business that was unprovoked. 

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